Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Raashaad Newsome: The Blending of Cultures and Customs

Raashaad Newsome's lecture calls into question how some European customs, can be placed in a black perspective. The main way he does this is with the customs of knighting and heraldry. Growing up in New Orleans, the blending of these two customs shows the similarities between the two. Additionally, this blending also allow Raashaad to present in depth critics about black culture, as it pertains to heterosexuality and hegemonic masculinity. For example, the various emblems that he creates through collage are carefully created with the idea of what different communities in the black community value. The one that stuck out to me was the one that showed up in one of his video, where the emblem seemed to be evolving. All of a sudden, cars and women as surrounding Raashaad's face as flames burn in the background. His reasoning for those things were to be a critic of was is seen as treasures, or precious things, in the context of rap culture.

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