Sunday, January 15, 2017

Entangled Ecologies: The Three Aspects Entanglement

            In Anne Harris’ lecture Entangled Ecologies: Community, Identity, and the Modern Future of the Medieval Past, she talks about this idea of community entanglement, and how it relates to Lawrence University. This lecture was mad more interesting with the mixture of scientific, anthropological, and artistic elements, when it comes to geological happenings and human’s relations to them. What struck me the effect of rippling water, and this reflection to the self. Like rippling water, humans change their community and environment while being change by them, and a fluid constant. Even when Harris refers to the tipped rock formations in France, and their ties to the generational communities, that shows just how entangled the community is to the environment. When relating this to mixed media like TV, print, or film, we must realize that we are not above the meeting. Not above it in the sense that the effect of these mediums only exists, because of the way we have created them. These mediums walk next to us, not above or below, and we grow in unison with them. Know this, I think that we as artist must understand that our experience is important to creating messages and meaning. Neutrality, in many senses, is the absence of experience. Criticism, belief, opinion is all important and inevitable, and leads to greater connections. Technology allows for a grip on information that makes the onslaught of information almost unbearable to users. It is with this entanglement of human interaction, as it pertains to technology, that we begin to make connects with others through information. We speak of the internet, as if the fact that anyone can create anything, means that nothing has meaning. With the connections, we make on the internet, we must move towards accepting the importance of our mutual pace with technology.

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