Monday, January 23, 2017

Stay Inside 

The cage of our own creation is one that can be made with care and love. It can be that same care and love that can smother us and keep us away from the world; however, how what can be said about these spaces? Marshall McLuhan states in his book The Medium is the Message, that "the environment that we constructed around us can be considered a work of art." This is what I try to portray in my video Stay Inside. In a time when I struggle with depression and use my confined space to express who I am to no one but myself. I realize how dangerous this mindset is, as I begin to monologue to myself. Now I'm beginning to understand what I see in myself, and just how much should really come out of my room.


  1. Chris,

    I love how claustrophobic you made this piece. The shots of the door with canted angles or from this "sitting-on-the-floor" perspective really place the viewer into your mindset. Your narration is powerful as well. I like that you've taken this train-of-thought approach to place the viewer inside of your head.

  2. Chris,
    I think that you took this project and made it completely your own. I really appreciate the level that you let the viewer into yourself but also keeping a certain level of ambiguity, so that we as viewer can also take all that emotion for our selves, and put it into our world. It is a very powerful piece.