Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Raashaad Newsome: The Blending of Cultures and Customs

Raashaad Newsome's lecture calls into question how some European customs, can be placed in a black perspective. The main way he does this is with the customs of knighting and heraldry. Growing up in New Orleans, the blending of these two customs shows the similarities between the two. Additionally, this blending also allow Raashaad to present in depth critics about black culture, as it pertains to heterosexuality and hegemonic masculinity. For example, the various emblems that he creates through collage are carefully created with the idea of what different communities in the black community value. The one that stuck out to me was the one that showed up in one of his video, where the emblem seemed to be evolving. All of a sudden, cars and women as surrounding Raashaad's face as flames burn in the background. His reasoning for those things were to be a critic of was is seen as treasures, or precious things, in the context of rap culture.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The unique sound of vaporwave is one that spawned from the rise of the internet and remixed culture. I was listening to vaporwave in my room and thought to myself; what goes into making this music. It all sounds so familiar, and yet so different. So I did some research and found out that all the music is slowed down and altered. I though that was cool so I decided to make one myself.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Stay Inside 

The cage of our own creation is one that can be made with care and love. It can be that same care and love that can smother us and keep us away from the world; however, how what can be said about these spaces? Marshall McLuhan states in his book The Medium is the Message, that "the environment that we constructed around us can be considered a work of art." This is what I try to portray in my video Stay Inside. In a time when I struggle with depression and use my confined space to express who I am to no one but myself. I realize how dangerous this mindset is, as I begin to monologue to myself. Now I'm beginning to understand what I see in myself, and just how much should really come out of my room.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Entangled Ecologies: The Three Aspects Entanglement

            In Anne Harris’ lecture Entangled Ecologies: Community, Identity, and the Modern Future of the Medieval Past, she talks about this idea of community entanglement, and how it relates to Lawrence University. This lecture was mad more interesting with the mixture of scientific, anthropological, and artistic elements, when it comes to geological happenings and human’s relations to them. What struck me the effect of rippling water, and this reflection to the self. Like rippling water, humans change their community and environment while being change by them, and a fluid constant. Even when Harris refers to the tipped rock formations in France, and their ties to the generational communities, that shows just how entangled the community is to the environment. When relating this to mixed media like TV, print, or film, we must realize that we are not above the meeting. Not above it in the sense that the effect of these mediums only exists, because of the way we have created them. These mediums walk next to us, not above or below, and we grow in unison with them. Know this, I think that we as artist must understand that our experience is important to creating messages and meaning. Neutrality, in many senses, is the absence of experience. Criticism, belief, opinion is all important and inevitable, and leads to greater connections. Technology allows for a grip on information that makes the onslaught of information almost unbearable to users. It is with this entanglement of human interaction, as it pertains to technology, that we begin to make connects with others through information. We speak of the internet, as if the fact that anyone can create anything, means that nothing has meaning. With the connections, we make on the internet, we must move towards accepting the importance of our mutual pace with technology.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Introduction to the Golden Archive

The shine of gold only sparkles on that which we choose to value. A trait only given to humans, the essences for separation and scarcity makes us drunk on the fear of change, and all things alien. As Marshall McLuhan states in his book The Medium is the Message:

All media work us over completely. They are so
pervasive in their personal, political, economic,
aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical, and social
consequences that they leave no part of us un-
touched, unaffected, unaltered. The medium is the
massage. Any understanding of social and cultural
change is impossible without a knowledge of the
way media work as environments. (McLuhan, 26)

Our rapidly growing digital world allows us to modify our worlds, and craft ideas not only to mirror our own ideas, but change the medium, as a whole. The Golden Archive is a mainframe entity that shows the light of digital technology and connections of augmented reality. This blog shines light on the connections of human bodies as they relate to the internet and technology. Every finger that touches a keyboard, every touch of a mouse, the metadata of every choice made in this medium connects us all to each other. The 1’s and 0’s that represent our bodies are symbols of beauty, and the screen is no separation. My body of work consists mainly stylized photography, and mixed media, which includes game development, animation, and glitch art. The creation of this work is inspired by Afrofuturistic, and modern digital artwork to connect social and cultural commentary to each work.

Welcome to the Golden Archive. May light shine on your connections.